Our Summary Value Proposition

We are Robot Packing Systems. We believe in developing robotic packaging systems that are simple to use and we believe in going the extra mile to create robot packing systems that last.

We are innovators and leaders in our field. We invented four world first robotic packaging systems.

Our robot packing systems availability of is phenomenal, at over 98%.

Operators find it easy to use our robot packing systems.

Safety is paramount and our robot packing systems comply with the highest international standards right up to
performance level ‘e’.

Our robotic packaging systems enable you to focus on what really matters to you – taking care of business!

Our robot packing systems are affordable and you have numerous robotic packaging system procurements options available to you.

Contact Robot Packing Systems and we will help you change your world.
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Robot Packing System

Wynand : 082 808 3135 
Jeroen   : 082 458 9785 

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Our Purpose

We are Robot Packing Systems.  We integrate robotic packing systems to automate product packing lines.  Our clients are large volume producers with large scale production lines.  Our clients want to automate product packing lines, improve productivity and reduce production costs to increase profitability.  Our clients get drastically reduced overhead costs and burden

Our Vision

We envisage creating a better world for all to live in by constantly developing better packing line automation systems.

Our Values

Our employees are our most valued asset and are the key to achieving our vision and goals.  We share these values:

- going the extra mile is an essential part of doing it better -
-  making mistakes is an integral part of trying harder  -
-   all equipment should be built to endure   -
-   business is as personal as it gets   -
-   relationships are built on trust   -
-   we can create a better world   -
-   we challenge the status quo   -
-   business is leader driven   -
-   need makes the plan   -
-   we openly compete   -
-   we keep it simple   -
-   we manage risk   -
-   people matter   -
-   we matter   -