Our Full Value Proposition

We are Robot Packing Systems. We believe in changing the world by going the extra mile to create robot packing systems that last.

We believe in developing robot packing systems that are simple to use and that we provide the best overall end of line robot packing systems available on the market today. We are innovators and leaders in our field. We invented the world first Bag-in-Bag robot packing systems.

We have developed and deployed the world first five-in-one bag gripper robot packing system, simultaneously picking and placing the standard 3-2 pallet pattern in
one move.

Our world first hybrid fork gripper is at least double as fast, yet as accurate, as some of the best conventional sliding-fork grippers out there. Our heavy duty claw gripper is super robust and just carries on and on… Our robot packing system availability of is phenomenal, at over 98% measured over a three-year period in the cement and fertilizer packing industries. Further, our robot packing systems have some of the lowest annual maintenance and up-keep costs available – the required routine maintenance tasks, checks and interventions are minimal.

Operators find it easy to use our robot packing systems. Fault finding involves simple logic steps that are easy to learn and straightforward to follow.
Our focus is on productivity and consistency and our robot packing systems will produce at dependable packing rates from start-up right until shut-down, all the time.
Start-up is one, two, three, four, five and six! Why SIX? Well, safety is paramount and our robot packing systems comply with the highest international standards right up to
performance level ‘e’. The six-step start-up sequence assures that our robot packing systems cannot be accidentally re-started after the safety monitoring system has been triggered. Period!

Our robot packing systems enable you to focus on what really matters to you – taking care of business! We can supply you with integrated live process monitoring and reporting statistics so you know EXACTLY what your robot packing systems are doing at all times, from anywhere in the world at any time. Finally, our robot packing systems are affordable and you have numerous procurements options available to you, from outright purchase to full maintenance included monthly rental options. We even offer contract packing without any upfront capital outlay at all... Contact Robot Packing Systems and we will help you change your world.

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